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Healthy Holiday Challenge

Our Healthy Holiday Challenge registration is now open! Sign up by November 21 to participate and stay on track with your health and fitness this holiday season!

Free Trial Week

Free TRIAL Week! Check out what NGPT has to offer with our free trial week for any new client this month. This is a great way to try different styles of classes and instructors in the studio and figure out what program is the right fit for you! Click above to create your account and receive your free trial week!

Start Your Meltdown Today!

We launch a new Meltdown program each week. Find out more about our system for success, using nutrition, exercise, and accountability! Free consultation available.

New Location Opening November 3

New class options now available at our Rogers Street facility starting November 3! Click here for the full schedule and register today.

The Unique NGPT Culture

You aren’t just joining a gym.

You’re joining a community.

Have you “tried everything” and still aren’t where you want to be? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Over a thousand people have come to NGPT feeling this same way, and they have found out that this is where their search ends and their journey begins.

NGPT and the Meltdown program have helped people reach their health and fitness goals by providing:

Advanced Workout Programs and Classes

A combination of science and experience helps us find the right routines for you.

Innovative Nutritional Strategies

We help match the right foods with your workout to gain maximum results. Lose weight fast and feel healthier.

Accountability Coaching

Lean on our expert staff for motivation, persistence, and guidance. We'll help you get the results you want.

A Uniquely Supportive Community and Culture

Everyone at NGPT will do whatever it takes to make sure you are leaving each day with pride and a positive attitude.

The Meltdown System

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Friendly Feasting: Balsamic Chicken with Mushrooms

Happy Halloween, NGPT nation! I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of stove top cooking. Food cooks faster than having to heat up an oven and the extended cooking time ovens require. I also like being able to SEE what’s happening. This recipe is simple, fast, and super healthy! Balsamic Chicken with […]

Foam Rolling and Stretching Tips for Knee and Low Back Pain

When people are busy transforming their bodies the last thing we want to deal with is knee and low back pain. If you are someone that has lived several years of your life being overweight and/or been very sedentary you will most likely have some issues with knee and low back pain when you start […]

Lessons Learned from Running a Marathon For RUTH

startline Well, it’s official: On Saturday Oct. 18th I ran 26.2 miles. The donors came through and fulfilled their end of the deal by supporting Ruth & Amy (and me) in this journey BIG TIME (to the tune of $13,187 to be exact) and in return I fulfilled my end of the deal–Marathon completed. I […]

Friendly Feasting: Mom’s Zucchini and Tomatoes

When we are kids, we generally have a little less choice in what we eat. Mom or whoever is the cook in the house makes food and puts it on the table. Many grew up with the phrase “You’ll eat it and you’ll like it” or at least knowing that they either ate what was […]