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What's Happening at NGPT

Hello ABS!

Check out our two part workshop series that focus on your abs! Sessions will be Sunday, April 26 and Sunday, May 3 at 1:30 p.m. Registration is now open!

Free Trial Week

Free TRIAL Week! Check out what NGPT has to offer with our free trial week for any new client this month. This is a great way to try different styles of classes and instructors in the studio and figure out what program is the right fit for you! Click below to create your account and receive your free trial week!

SPIN Class

Our SPIN program continues to grow! New to indoor cycling? Arrive 15 minutes early and your instructor will help you setup your bike! New on the schedule: Monday 5:30 a.m Sunrise SPIN, Friday 5:30 a.m. TRX/SPIN Blend, April 17 Broadway SPIN with Lauren! May 1 SPIN Special with David

Friday Night Specials

Friday nights are always something new! Check the lineup and plan for a great workout to kick off your weekend! April 24 Fighting Shape with Adam, May 1 SPIN with David or TurboKick with Sarah

The Unique NGPT Culture

You aren’t just joining a gym.

You’re joining a community.

The Meltdown System

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Looking to try something very different? Have a load of asparagus on hand this spring? I found this recipe for a lower-fat guacamole. That’s right, no avocado…so it probably can’t technically be called a guacamole but perhaps more of a dip. Dunk raw veggies in this uber green mix to help you get in even […]